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My Fucking Wife

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Hardcore Reality Network - Nasty Dollars is an acquired taste for me - their vids drove me nuts till I figured out how to use WMP Playlist and Download Managers - plus I let a year fly by before checking out the daily live cams, that feature Molly from VIP Crew, Kristin and Bree from MILF Next Door, and Nikki from We Live Together - 2-4 hours a day every day except the weekend for some nasty webwhore action. Check it out.
Amateur Teen Brooke Skye Read more about here or visit my Brooke Skye Videos blog. First in true high-def videos (tho they're softcore) and a real charmer on live cam that still has me signed up for almost a year now.
Danni's Hard Drive I chronically sign up to this site because their virtual lap dance videos are just fucking addictive!
Cum on Her Face <- owners of this site got arrested for racketeering down in Florida BUT they're back, big time! Lucky for us. Check it out.

Don't Get Ripped Off

I handpicked these galleries and list only those that turn up my thurmometer. Nothing worse than clicking through a bunch of ugly galleries looking for something that turns you on. How does it work? Every time I see something I like, I add it to this page. New links pop up on top. Got any requests? Wanna Bitch? Want to submit your own gallery? Email me at

All the links will open in a new window. These are galleries I personally got off on, so YOU BETTER LIKE THEM! No fucking skimming.




If you're looking for more galleries and like housewives and MILFS, check out My Fucking Wife, a big-ol TGP with galleries of my favorite chicks like Mrs. Starr. Yeah, it does give ya a run around with skimming but hey, you can't have everything.

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Hey, the ones I listed here are gone. I'll post a few more later if more pops up.

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Since Google is fucking with me, I'm listing some of the blog posts I really would like to see in Google's index. Inspite of what Googlers tell ya, some of them are pretty clueless, and you learn to take what they say about stuff like "quality content" with a big grain of salt. Anyhoo, if you find the links to posts below a little irrelevant to the rest of this page, don't blame me. Blame Eric Shmidt.

Site of the Moment

I know nothing about 2 chicks 1 dick except I want to get some hits to it on Google, so I'm linking to it from here. Ignore it :) I know its from Reality Cash and you get a bunch of bonus sites for $3 bucks trial, so if you feel like hitting and running a cheap network with some average reality porn why not go for it? For 3 bucks I could play pool downtown for a little over half an hour.

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