Brooke Skye Dyes Her Hair

Yeah, not much going on last night except I and a few other people got to watch Brooke Skye get her hair dyed. She dyed it brown, which is puzzling because well, isn’t her hair brown to begin with? I don’t know which is sadder, me not knowing her natural hair color or me sitting here blogging about it, but I’m guessing all you die-hard Brooke Skye fans gotta know these things. Anyway, the hair stylist was actually pretty cool, and while Brooke dried off behind the shower curtains, he sat down to chat for a couple of minutes, so I’m posting that up here (the guy chatted under brooke skye’s nick, so don’t get creeped out. I logged in again under “boo”):

Brooke skye's bathroom

Chair Brooke Skye sat in while she got her hair dyed in her bathroom

[Brooke] hiii i just am her friend that does hair
[Brooke] its going to look great!!
[Brooke] just saying hi!! she will be back in 10 minutes when we finish! :)
[dennis] cool thanks man.
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[dennis] looks like i’m the only one here now poop
[dennis] 1are you back?
[jon] hey kiss the guy for ,me
[jon] lol
[jon] canou do that
[jon] i can pretend that me kissing you lol
[dennis] 1sorry we are so boring
[jon] please
] ok im back, had to get some food
[dennis] 1mmmmmmmm
[jon] ok
[dennis] 1hello nurse
] great job man
[dennis] wheres the chick?
[Brooke] she is cleaning off her hair
[Brooke] so i told her id chat with you guys i dont use computers much
[Brooke] so this is cool to me
] what was she laughing about the whole time? lol
[Brooke] oh she kept telling me how sweet you guys are and it makes her day
] was she reading what we were typing? lol
[jon] heythats cool
[jon] hey canyou dome a favor
[Brooke] she’d read a line every once in a while but i kept asking her to tell me stories about the day
[jon] when she get back
[Brooke] she said she has been really busy lately
[Brooke] whats that
] how was her day like?
[jon] give her a kiss
[jon] frommeto her
[Brooke] awee i would if i could ill blow one :)
[Brooke] im shy!
] no way.. lol
[jon] but you kiss her i canpretend it me kissing her
[dennis] no i will pass
[jon] lol
[Brooke] i cant jon sorryyyy! but ill tell you secrets!
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[Brooke] she has been filming non stop
] tell us some secrets!
[Brooke] doing special requests
] awesome
[Brooke] and scenes for you guys so you will enjoy
[dennis] yeah secrets
[Brooke] and going to be releasing them over the next few months
] did she tell you about the time she spent on a boat last night?
[Brooke] and she also got a camera phone so she can start putting pictures in her diary entries :)
[jon] yea
] looked like she was drinking alot of beer.. lol
[jon] were you there?
[Brooke] LOL! i didnt hear about that
[Brooke] this is all new to me this whole internet chat and stuff i live by her
[Brooke] so i came over here to do her hair didnt expect to talk to people :)
] its cool, don’t you think?
[Brooke] but you guys rock!
[Brooke] yeaaa! definetly
[Brooke] im about to go home and watch cartoons but i have to wait and see how the final product is
[dennis] thanks
] i was watching lost
[jon] she is hot
[jon] brooke
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] missed dancing with the stars tonight
[jon] i bet she is really nice girl
] i heard harry got eliminated
[dennis] i’m sure she looks great
[Brooke] she is definetly a pretty girl! you guys are lucky i close my eyes if she walks by partially naked
[Brooke] its a priveledge! lol i think i might get a membership when i get home !
] id close my eyes too, im polite like that. lol
[Brooke] yep im with you boo :)
[dennis] how do you do that i couldn’t
[Brooke] lol its hard
[Brooke] someone was telling me her site is the best around
] we envy you right now, alot of us want to be sitting where you are
[Brooke] and they have been a member for over a year
[Brooke] that they will stay forever
[Brooke] that is sooo cool
] It’s definitely one of the best, no doubt about it
[Brooke] awee well i envy you guys, she likes you so much
[Brooke] im just the hair stylist! lol
] I’m sure you’re great at your job
] what is brooke up to now?
[dennis] are you reading to brooke now?
[dennis] can’t wait untill she is done bet she looks stunning
] brooke, we miss you….!
[Brooke] i read some of the lines lol
[Brooke] she was asking
[Brooke] so i skimmed and read a few lol
[Brooke] i was talking to the curtain :P
[dennis] i would have to join her. behind the curtain
[Brooke] i dont know man brookes fiesty!
[Brooke] she might beat me up! lolol
] lol
[dennis] lol
] shhh dont let her hear you. lol
[Brooke] LOL i will clear this window before she gets out
[Brooke] and you guys can tell her what you want from what i said :)
[Brooke] bros 4 life!
[dennis] this is funnier than hell
[Brooke] she just said she is almost out!
] alright
[Brooke] so ill leave when she starts getting out
[Brooke] Btw Im Snoufax!
] nice to meet you Snoufax
[Brooke] Peter Snoufax, but people call me Snowy :)
[Brooke] im a nerd and i rap about the internet lol
[Brooke] and i rap about being a dork :)
] hey, im a nerd too :)
[Brooke] nice!!
] you like eminem?
[Brooke] yea!! eminem is excellent
[dennis] don’t be so hard on yourselevs
[Brooke] Jayz is probably my favorite though
] cool
[Brooke] and ytcracker!
[Brooke] who is your favorite
] Yeah Jayz is the man
[dennis] sorry guys i’m a rocker. seether
[Brooke] rock on!
] I listen to everything, but i like rap and hip hop too
[dennis] i do to but not as much
[Brooke] she is getting out ill run! catch you guys on the flipside yodelback nurgas my nwe hombres laterlater
[Brooke] new*
[dennis] later you cool
] :) later Snoufax, nice talkin to you
* Disconnected
Session Close: Wed Sep 27 23:03:53 2006

Also, last some some asshat kept getting booted off Molly’s webcam and then hopping back in supposedly using mutliple proxies and Molly had to call her boss to can the login the fucker was using. It’s good to know there are some pathetic worms out there with no hope of salvation just out to stir up shit on their spare time that they have too much of, ya know what I’m saying?

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