Molly’s Getting a Boob Job Next Friday

Molly aka Mya from We Live Together / VIP Crew just returned from her tittie augmentation counseling, dropping the BJ-bomb (boob job bomb) that she’s getting her boobs cut up next Friday. She said her doc told her that her boobs will heal in 5 days. And get this, she’s going from a 34B to a full D. All I’m gonna hope for is the surgeon isn’t a newb.

football molly

Molly (aka Mya) from We Live Together playing Football with Michelle

In other news, Kristin from MILF Next Door is 3 months pregnant.

kristin milf next door

Kristin from MILF Next Door. Three things I like about her: Her tat, her glasses, and succulent cooch.

I’ve fantasized plenty about a pregnant mom naked on cam - her tits getting bigger and eventually squirting milk. Kristin just happens to be my fantasy come true. She also went to college, and was a teacher for a bit, till she decided she preferred a more fun-filled lifestyle where she gets to fuck and suck hot chicks all week long. She is already married, obviously, and yes, her hubby comes on cam sometimes to fuck his wife’s brains out while other pervs watch them fuck.

Check Kristin out every Mon, Wed, Fri (2 hours before Molly comes on) inside MILF Next Door.

UPDATE: She’s getting ‘em done at 6 am.

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